Bad experience with Uppermark - any other recommendations


Does anyone else has had such bad experiences with Uppermark services and what did you do about it?

I bought like the expensive premium gold diamond whatever suite for l1 and level 2. And that bank had so many technical issues that I had to write plenty of emails and the main issue was that it always took days some sometimes weeks until I got a response.

So in the end I wasted weeks, texting with upper mark service and could use the material or practice with qbank.

So I am fed up and looking for other providers. Any recommendations who has a good qbank and processes that work?

Best regards.

I found Uppermark to be excellent. I went through their online questions repeatedly and vigorously read their condensed notes. Each time I emailed them I received a reply within 2 days. Ten out of ten (assuming I pass when results come in next month).

I liked UpperMark more than Kaplan Schweser. I agree UM technology was lame and required many phone calls and e-mails, but the content was superior, with plenty more questions and good explanations. The UM study guides were excellent as well.

Late the game I ordered Schweser’s video in order to get access to instructor for some questions, but day 2 program wasn’t delivered live due to some foul-up so I lost that benefit. I did get a partial refund

I think with respect CAIA third party content providers, it’s not a question of who’s the best - it’s a question of who is the least worst.

Haven’t used all the providers so i can’t comment on others but Uppermark’s QBank was cumbersome, positively ancient, badly worded and just all round frustrating. It did get the job done though so… i guess it’s good?

They all suck. Schweser is pretty bad as it is nothing like the actual test.

Hi, I am trying to sell my Schweser CAIA Level 2 2019 Schweser materials. I have Schweser Notes, Practice Exams (3 Full exams), Special Sauce, and QuckSheet. This compact study tool summarizes key formulas, definitions, and concepts.

Materials are a little worn but not highlighted at all and otherwise in good condition.

I would like to sell them for $140 (including shipping with the United States). I realize that this is not the 2020 materials (hence the significant discount from $499 on Schweser’s website but it doesn’t appear the test changes much, if at all, year-to-year.

I also have the 2018 materials and would be willing to sell them for $100 (including shipping within the United States).

Let me know if you are interested and provide an email address. Thank you.

Uppermark customer service is really bad. I have to chase them with several emails and phone calls just to get a response. But the Qbank is really good as its quite intensive and contains more than the other service provider.

I used Kaplan last year and the instructor was awful and the question Bank inferior to UM. However, they both have plenty of errors and typos in their handbooks which appears that no one cares to proofread their products before selling them for a premium. I prefer UM but would agree their general response time is unacceptable.

I used UM for Sep19 L2 exam. They do have wording errors in both study notes and Qb, (which can get quite frustrating when you’re already pressured about upcoming exam) but Qbank did the job and prepared me well for actual exam. There was not many questions that surprised me on multiple choice session_._ For a constructed response i didn’t use Qb, so don’t know if it is helpful for that part.

Thanks for your feedback - out of interest how did you prepare for the Constructed Response?

Read twice CIT’s, and refreshed Ethics (as i already studied Ethics for CFA and CIPM past years). Didn’t do much practice of constructed response before exam, and i got weak score (lower/borderline on relative performance) on those sections. Luckily for me, i nailed the other parts of exam. I recommend you find time and way to practice constructed too.

I had the same issue when I took Level 1. Multiple questions they didn’t respond to until a week before the exam and I was really annoyed with the amount of times I had to contact them. That being said, in my opinion, I don’t think there is a better study tool out there.

Schweser L1 worked for me. I got the most basic study pack, so can’t speak to the intructor supported programs. It gave me the condensed reading materials that i needed and the adequate practice questions as well. However, at the actual L1 exam, it was nothing like what Schweser put together in the Qbanks or the mock exams. The real exam was much much much harder.

However, i did pass, and whilst i am in the finance industry (asset management at that) i don’t consider myself an “advanced” student as i work in distribution and not on the investment teams. So Schweser did do the job afterall i guess.

Level 2, has proven to be quite poor as compared to L1. L2 content has loads of grammar, typos and even mistakes( future vs futures, they didn’t seem to flinch at the difference). I had to use the instructor link several times to report errors to Schweser.

My L2 paper is next week. Let’s hope that it works for me again.