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CFA vs. projects

I am currently working in a front-office job which is rather transaction oriented, it is a very competitive area.

About the company: there are growth opportunities concerning transaction flow but too much nepotism going on. As an outsider, I get the least attractive, most ungrateful and job intensive projects. 

Recently the boss started mobbing me. Funnily he cannot tell me what exactly is his problem. Even my bonus has been paid 100%. A few days ago it was: there is no space for all of you, you will never get your own projects, you will only work for someone.

I was actually intending to sit the CFA exam the coming June, the vacation I have negotiated last year, the demand is that I give up all of my projects… and transfer them to one of the friends and family. Funnily it never works the other way round, I have zero access to my colleagues’ projects. 

Some time ago I said that I might change my mind about the holiday given timing as most of my projects are ending. In fact, what I consider as an act of responsibility has ended up in a s+++storm, whereby he told me I will lose the upcoming projects in the pipeline for changing my mind and that he bleeded for my CFA (I asked - how, maybe he paid for the exam? for the membership? provided me with studied annual leave? or freed me from working weekends and nights? no answer, of course)

While I was studying for the CFA exam, I am not at peace and have hard time focusing… 

I would hate losing one year considering that these people and their lack of respect for myself (I should mention that my direct competitors are underqualified at best, totally uncontrolled  and secretive about their work, zet enjoz 100% protection)… What is to stop them from lying to me again and blocking progress on the projects I am giving up my CFA exam for - something that has been happening for months, with my boss blocking my projects and destroying all my timeplans. 

On the other hand, I do not want to grant praises for my projects to the people who have not deserved it. If they enter the projects now, they will get more experience on their resumes at my cost.

I know that this would probably not save the situation in the long run, the culture is poisoned from the top. Besides, I am used to a different level of people that is why I love this industry in the first place. Call me a snob, but working with people inferior in terms of education and working experience sucks.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? 

Why do you need to take the CFA? If you are already in a “competitive front office job”, CFA will not be really useful anyway. 

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^ I’d say the CFA still has value in terms of transferring a competitor that isn’t run like a dictatorship.

OP, where are you based?  My guess is either China or the US.

While my field of work is highly interesting, it has an equity character, speaking in CFA curriculum terms. The only viable way to stay afloat is to be continuously developing oneself, in terms of experience and education. Only because CFA does not mean anything in this company, does not mean I should to waive it at level 3.  This designation is still reasonably respected in the marketplace, even in my field of work it is a nice-to-have qualification (not a door opener, but may help to expand the horizons)

Also, I am no longer the job beginner and am approaching the stage in life where the network-building opportunities are what I am increasingly expecting from the job , meaning, getting in contact with people whom I can learn from and whom I can prove myself to. Without the proper connections, I will have hard time staying in the industry the older I get.

While I am happy with my current job content-wise, I am increasingly feeling trapped as - despite the abundant pipeline - I am being assigned to low-budget assignments where I am kind of “overspending” myself while meaningful assignment where I can trully thrive and work with the best are locked out from me in the company. It is not about the content, it is about the projects.

Also, with this company, there is never the right moment to have a vacation, ever. And who knows what will happen in a year. So why not now.

Western Europe. Connections are pretty strong in this country but it all really comes down to the corporate culture and people.

While I am at the right place, I am not directly profiting from being at the right place.

In theory, I could get the same level of experience without being at the right place, with the perks of a much less stressful life (not in any way thriving for less stress, just implying that the point of being in the right place is currently eloping myself… as all the perks from being in the right place are going past me and towards friends and family).

I have tried bringing in some opportunities. But it has ended up in F&F getting these opportunities whereas I was told that “noone asked me to”.

Just find a way to do both honestly.  You’re not the first person to work long hours and crunch an exam.  Find a way to make it work if it’s important.  Get disciplined and eliminate distractions.  Start with the 2 hour lunch breaks.

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Must be in Germany.  Your boss sounds like a bit of a bell end.

I agree with Swannie, just go ahead with level 3 and try and balance both.  half the battle in level 3 is exam technique in the morning paper anyway.