Why do you need to take the CFA? If you are already in a “competitive front office job”, CFA will not be really useful anyway.

^ I’d say the CFA still has value in terms of transferring a competitor that isn’t run like a dictatorship.

OP, where are you based? My guess is either China or the US.



Just find a way to do both honestly. You’re not the first person to work long hours and crunch an exam. Find a way to make it work if it’s important. Get disciplined and eliminate distractions. Start with the 2 hour lunch breaks.

Must be in Germany. Your boss sounds like a bit of a bell end.

I agree with Swannie, just go ahead with level 3 and try and balance both. half the battle in level 3 is exam technique in the morning paper anyway.

It is Germany all right.


It sounds like you are poisoning your work environment. Even if your coworkers are partly at fault you really need to promptly make soft skills adjustments to relate to people better or you’ll be in a bad spot.


The good ol Credentialism argument… reliance on academic or other formal qualifications as the best measure of a person’s intelligence or ability to do a particular job

Really, if that person is not a family member nor the boss lover, you can be sure he is better or equal to you in at least some of the skills required for the job

You are expendable, and hence will be expended…pass the CFA

That is your personal assumption, you do not know all the insights. And currently sharing those is dangerous.

Maybe yes, maybe no…


Dude, for real - why do you have something against people wanting to take the CFA exams to further progress themselves, if not for financial gain, at least academically? Like for real dude - sounds like the CFA program doesn’t even benefit you any more. What if someone just WANTS to do these exams - the hell is so wrong with that?

So stop paying your membership dues and take if off your business card you miserable oaf.