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Putting both CPA and CFA on resume - ONTARIO CANADA

Hi all, 

I am writing a resume to apply for Financial Analyst/Accountant positions and I have a question. Just so you know, I have been kind of out of the job field for 3 years running a small family business which I have now closed. Prior to this experience, I have been working as an accountant for 2 years.

I am enrolled in CPA program as well as CFA level 2. Should I put both on my resume or will it seem that I am confused with my career path? The reason why I am doing my CFA exams is because I want to learn finance and I don’t really care for a Charter.

Or, depending on the job positions, I should add/ subtract the CFA candidate/ Enrolled in CPA program wording?

Please share your input.  

Tough out there buddy. 

Put whatever relates to the job you are applying for.  If you’re still studying for level 1 I wouldn’t put it on your resume. It like putting “studying for college mid-terms”. No one cares.

Financial Planner
BBA (Finance & International Business) 1998,
MBA (With a Global Perspecytive) 2011,
ChFC® 2018, CLU® 2019
Owns an Independent RIA/Insurance Agency
Series 65, Life, Annuities, Health (Expired 6,63)

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