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Looking for some advice

Hello guys,

im currently in my 2nd year undergrad at my local uni and am taking a bunch of finance/econ courses. im enjoying it so far, and i’m also really interested in the cfa. from what i see the level 1 has like 600 pages of f/a…which im not really good at/doesn’t really interest me versus the finance/econ courses—but much respek to f/a (taking a course rn actually). but, i still got another 2 years until I’m done my undergrad and was wondering what type of other courses i should take to help w my cfa journey. i.e., i still got to take some elective courses outside of business and wondering if I should take math i.e., college algebra or something. also, should i take more f/a courses excluding managerial accounting? my school also offers higher level f/a and risk management/insurance courses— would that be helpful for cfa? I just want to make sure im throwing $$$ on some good **** and not wasting time/money on irrelevant courses. thanks. 

edit: im interested in fixed income/portfolio management, all things macro. 

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Take paid financial accounting courses on side courses other than in your university and make sure that they will force you do your homework and memorize principles and formulas. I had taken evening accounting course two years before I sat for the December18 exam. It helped me a lot. I literally skipped FRA section, because I was familiar with most of the content, just revised several topics and formulas, and scored much higher than 90th percentile in FRA, and FRA is 20%.

I’d like to help you, but I have no clue what you mean by “f/a”. I guess I did alright at it whatever you mean by it. 

respek bak to u my dude.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

Nice! Thanks for ur informative reply…what type of electives should i enroll myself in? i.e., outside business? 

Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting.

dasstienn wrote:
Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting.

I used to teach these.

Managerial accounting is a fun class.

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If FRA part also covered Managerial Accounting, it would be a real burden laugh, But Corporate Finance has taken some from it (Break-Even Point).

cool, thnx for ur input guys. anybody else?

From my graduate business school coursework, I don’t remember any material from managerial accounting being on the CFA curriculum, so unless you want to supplement your lack of accounting exposure with more general accounting, I don’t see a need. My undergrad is unfortunately not in finance, so I also am not sure if you have a fixed income class (you really should), but if you don’t I’d recommend taking one, or a class over bonds and asset-backed securities. Same goes for derivatives.