Looking for some advice

Hello guys,

im currently in my 2nd year undergrad at my local uni and am taking a bunch of finance/econ courses. im enjoying it so far, and i’m also really interested in the cfa. from what i see the level 1 has like 600 pages of f/a…which im not really good at/doesn’t really interest me versus the finance/econ courses—but much respek to f/a (taking a course rn actually). but, i still got another 2 years until I’m done my undergrad and was wondering what type of other courses i should take to help w my cfa journey. i.e., i still got to take some elective courses outside of business and wondering if I should take math i.e., college algebra or something. also, should i take more f/a courses excluding managerial accounting? my school also offers higher level f/a and risk management/insurance courses— would that be helpful for cfa? I just want to make sure im throwing $$$ on some good shit and not wasting time/money on irrelevant courses. thanks.

edit: im interested in fixed income/portfolio management, all things macro.

Take paid financial accounting courses on side courses other than in your university and make sure that they will force you do your homework and memorize principles and formulas. I had taken evening accounting course two years before I sat for the December18 exam. It helped me a lot. I literally skipped FRA section, because I was familiar with most of the content, just revised several topics and formulas, and scored much higher than 90th percentile in FRA, and FRA is 20%.

I’d like to help you, but I have no clue what you mean by “f/a”. I guess I did alright at it whatever you mean by it.

respek bak to u my dude.

Nice! Thanks for ur informative reply…what type of electives should i enroll myself in? i.e., outside business?

Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting.

I used to teach these.

Managerial accounting is a fun class.

If FRA part also covered Managerial Accounting, it would be a real burden :grin:, But Corporate Finance has taken some from it (Break-Even Point).

cool, thnx for ur input guys. anybody else?

From my graduate business school coursework, I don’t remember any material from managerial accounting being on the CFA curriculum, so unless you want to supplement your lack of accounting exposure with more general accounting, I don’t see a need. My undergrad is unfortunately not in finance, so I also am not sure if you have a fixed income class (you really should), but if you don’t I’d recommend taking one, or a class over bonds and asset-backed securities. Same goes for derivatives.