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Dear all

One of my co-workers presents himself as a CFA but is actually not a CFA holder (has not even passed one exam!). Personally, I am not holding a CFA so you might wonder why I care at all but having made a M.Sc. at university I consider this kind of plagiarism as an absolute no-go and cannot accept this.

Could you give me some advice what I can do? Should I get in touch with the CFA institute? 

Best regards,


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If he’s a nice guy, you should tell him that he should stop or else he risks incurring CFA Institute’s wrath.

If he’s a jerk who’s not worth very much, you should report him to CFA Institute.

If he’s a jerk who’s worth a lot, you could consider blackmail.

Note that this isn’t plagiarism; it’s improper use of the CFA designation.

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Just report him to your compliance department. If you’re at a B/D or RIA in the U.S., they’ll probably take care of that quickly and quietly. Try the CFA institute if your company doesn’t do anything. 

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its kind of funny that blackmail and extortion is illegal. yet they want us to sntich for free.

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