Dear all

One of my co-workers presents himself as a CFA but is actually not a CFA holder (has not even passed one exam!). Personally, I am not holding a CFA so you might wonder why I care at all but having made a M.Sc. at university I consider this kind of plagiarism as an absolute no-go and cannot accept this.

Could you give me some advice what I can do? Should I get in touch with the CFA institute?

Best regards,


If he’s a nice guy, you should tell him that he should stop or else he risks incurring CFA Institute’s wrath.

If he’s a jerk who’s not worth very much, you should report him to CFA Institute.

If he’s a jerk who’s worth a lot, you could consider blackmail.

Note that this isn’t plagiarism; it’s improper use of the CFA designation.

Just report him to your compliance department. If you’re at a B/D or RIA in the U.S., they’ll probably take care of that quickly and quietly. Try the CFA institute if your company doesn’t do anything.

its kind of funny that blackmail and extortion is illegal. yet they want us to sntich for free.