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9 Topics in 5 months with 1 Full Time Job and 1 Part Time job, is it possible?

Hello, I plan to study the following topics from December through April then review in May I have one full time job and one part time job.  Is it possible? Tips for the most efficient plan? 


Quantitative Methods


Corporate Finance

Portfolio Management 


Fixed Income


Alternative Investments


You’re ready to take on the CFA® Program, so stop guessing where you should begin. You give us your study dates, we’ll give you the study plan. Our adaptive activity feed breaks down your 300 hours into bite-sized weekly tasks that fit into your life.

I don’t know you well so it’s really hard for me to comment. Like your background, experience, and what did you learn in the university… those factors affect your study progress.

I can’t tell if it’s possible or not, only you can know this better than everyone else. Start today and revise your study plan next month.

If I were you I’ll start with QM then Portfolio Management.

QM (the  topic most used on other sections), followed by FRA (heaviest weight).

You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.

Im almost done reviewing QM. I was thinking of doing Economics and FRA next. Would you recommend this?