9 Topics in 5 months with 1 Full Time Job and 1 Part Time job, is it possible?

Hello, I plan to study the following topics from December through April then review in May I have one full time job and one part time job. Is it possible? Tips for the most efficient plan?


Quantitative Methods


Corporate Finance

Portfolio Management


Fixed Income


Alternative Investments


I don’t know you well so it’s really hard for me to comment. Like your background, experience, and what did you learn in the university… those factors affect your study progress.

I can’t tell if it’s possible or not, only you can know this better than everyone else. Start today and revise your study plan next month.

If I were you I’ll start with QM then Portfolio Management.

QM (the topic most used on other sections), followed by FRA (heaviest weight).

Im almost done reviewing QM. I was thinking of doing Economics and FRA next. Would you recommend this?