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Serious Prep Advice from seniors

Hello everyone

I am sitting for Level 1 in June. So far I have done Quant and  Economics. Midway FRA. I have done somewhat practice for Quant.

I am thinking to keep going and try to go over the material / make notes for all the remaining material by the end of March after which I will solely focus on practice questions first topic by topic and then mock exams. So no practice until I finish the material and then April + May I revise + practice. 

If i do try to do the practice questions now I know I will not be able to finish the material by end of March.

Is that a good idea? Suggestions / comments / advice.

Thanks in advance! 


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Midway FRA**

Which material are you using Scheweser or CFA Curriculum?

Sounds like a good strategy to me. I did similar when I passed lvl 1. 

Shweser + IFT videos for complex concepts 


Which material are you using Scheweser or CFA Curriculum?

 @ FatherB Shweser + IFT videos for complex concepts