Serious Prep Advice from seniors

Hello everyone I am sitting for Level 1 in June. So far I have done Quant and Economics. Midway FRA. I have done somewhat practice for Quant. I am thinking to keep going and try to go over the material / make notes for all the remaining material by the end of March after which I will solely focus on practice questions first topic by topic and then mock exams. So no practice until I finish the material and then April + May I revise + practice. If i do try to do the practice questions now I know I will not be able to finish the material by end of March. Is that a good idea? Suggestions / comments / advice. Thanks in advance!

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Midway FRA**

Which material are you using Scheweser or CFA Curriculum?

Sounds like a good strategy to me. I did similar when I passed lvl 1.

Shweser + IFT videos for complex concepts


Which material are you using Scheweser or CFA Curriculum?

@ FatherB Shweser + IFT videos for complex concepts

Im afraid of the time to June Exam, so far I finished the first 3 readings on quant and Im in the 5th of Fixed Income, I found Quant. starting to get very hard so I will probably finish in the end (or maybe just gave the rest of quant up lol), I will need to rush to get everything done till deadline, my next session will be or Equity Investmets or Corporate Finance (I also found FI way easier than QM except for some topics in Introduction to Fixed Income Valuation and some topics in Fixed Income Rate and Return)

Quants made me scarried lol

Wait till you get to FRA lol.