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Waiting for Lvl 1 Dec results while studying L2? Sound off here...

Just got my ‘basic’ package from Schweser today with all the books contained therein. Provided I pass, I’m going to be registering/ordering CFAI texts on Jan 27th, as well as upgrading to the video CDs and stuff with Schweser.

Who else is in the same boat? I figure it’s better to be hitting my stride studying in 3 weeks for Lvl 2 and then find out I passed, than it is to find out I passed, celebrate for a day, and then find myself totally behind the 8-ball for the next 4 months. For those of you who like decision trees, you’ll notice that I have pruned the branch that starts “Supersadface –> fails exam —> end tree”. I can’t friggin’ even think about that yet.

Also, I think level 2 is going to be easier than level 1. My analysis was as follows:

-Schweser Level 1 books had Smarmy McCableknit as the ‘stock photo’ on the cover. He had just stepped off a yacht, where he had finished a killer game of doubles tennis.
-Schweser Level 2 books have Cute Asian girl on the cover. I’ve cut a little mouth out on book one [ethics/quant/econ] and make her mouth obscene things to me when I get bored.

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your nickname predicted my reaction to your posts perfectly.

Hehe…Smarmy McCableknit…I know just what you mean. I am doing the same. Received by Schweser a few days ago…hoping I passed Level I. Been watching the videos first. Good stuff. Good luck on passing Level I.

I’m in the same boat… I’m waiting for the results and studying Schweser’s LII stuff. I’ll be finishing quant tomorrow. Hopefully I passed… I am optimistic, but keep telling myself not to get my hopes up.