Waiting for Lvl 1 Dec results while studying L2? Sound off here...

Just got my ‘basic’ package from Schweser today with all the books contained therein. Provided I pass, I’m going to be registering/ordering CFAI texts on Jan 27th, as well as upgrading to the video CDs and stuff with Schweser. Who else is in the same boat? I figure it’s better to be hitting my stride studying in 3 weeks for Lvl 2 and then find out I passed, than it is to find out I passed, celebrate for a day, and then find myself totally behind the 8-ball for the next 4 months. For those of you who like decision trees, you’ll notice that I have pruned the branch that starts “Supersadface --> fails exam —> end tree”. I can’t friggin’ even think about that yet. Also, I think level 2 is going to be easier than level 1. My analysis was as follows: -Schweser Level 1 books had Smarmy McCableknit as the ‘stock photo’ on the cover. He had just stepped off a yacht, where he had finished a killer game of doubles tennis. -Schweser Level 2 books have Cute Asian girl on the cover. I’ve cut a little mouth out on book one [ethics/quant/econ] and make her mouth obscene things to me when I get bored.

your nickname predicted my reaction to your posts perfectly.

Hehe…Smarmy McCableknit…I know just what you mean. I am doing the same. Received by Schweser a few days ago…hoping I passed Level I. Been watching the videos first. Good stuff. Good luck on passing Level I.

I’m in the same boat. . . I’m waiting for the results and studying Schweser’s LII stuff. I’ll be finishing quant tomorrow. Hopefully I passed. . . I am optimistic, but keep telling myself not to get my hopes up.