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Need suggestion to buy third party material


Any suggestion which third party material is best for Level 2 exam. Mark/Kaplan/Wiley/ IFT. Please advice.

Thank You

The best just got better. Schweser's upgraded content and redesigned study platform are exactly what you need to pass the Level III exam. Save 10% when you preorder a Premium Package for a limited time.

I used MM for Level 2 -  Had a great value for money. The main videos and exams were really helpful and I would highly recommend them. Especially derivatives was great, only economics was in my opinion rather poor. The review videos were good as well, but too long. Your time will be better spend doing the EOCs by your own and just consult those videos when needed. There is already a vast amount of content (around 150h of videos in total if I remember correctly) and it gets more and more which I do not really appreciate. 

The qbank is ok for retention but way too easy for level II. You shouldn’t spend too much time with it. In contrast, the mocks were difficult, sometimes twisted and a great preparation for the actual exam.

Unfortunately, MM changed his approach for 2020 and will drop the mocks in favor of additional videos. Prices remain stable which makes the deal worse (you will have to buy mocks somewhere else; for me, they were key to passing).

I don’t know if I would go with this package again (given the new details) but MM definitely helped me passing this exam and made the preparation a little more enjoyable. 

For level 1 and 2 I used the same prep provider (Kaplan) since I was comfortable with it.  Worked out fine.  My suggestion would be to use the same provider you used for level 1, assuming you liked their style.  

I would say Mark videos. They r great and I attribute my success in L2 to him. Mocks would have been icing on the cake, but nonetheless u can separately purchase them from many providers and they r not very expensive either.

Thank you for your advice.

Mark Meldrum videos with the Level Up slidebook (level II slides were new for last year and I found very helpful) and the IFT study notes. Use all three in conjunction with the official curriculum and you’ll be golden. Don’t over think it, just start studying. 

I have been using Mark Meldrum since LVL1. I have been really happy with it. 

Pro tip: watch the videos on 1,2-1,5x speed in order to save time. 

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I tried MM last year and Bloomberg  and MM has great videos but did not pass.   I am going to try IFT this year.   His focus is on passing the exam. MM video are awesome  but his notes and quizzes are the weak points in his program. 

New here to the forum. Was wondering if anyone else failed level 2 and felt that their chosen study materials in some part played a role. Like the OP, I’m looking for L2 study mats and want to see if there is any general consensus on what to stay away from. 

I’m looking to purchase MM plus Kaplan mocks. Thx  

I used MM as well. As I believe, this year he is going to focus on videos and reviews more. Absolutely love his seminar videos.

But, also try to back it with other providers. IFT has some review videos on YouTube, u can use them if want some other perspective on topics that u can’t understand.