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Just Started FRA

I just recently started FRA using Schweser Notes. About to begin reading Module 13.3. Man does my head hurt! FRA is my weakest subject and I’m not looking forward to this material. So far from what I’ve read, I’m not feeling too confident and I haven’t even read that much. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I think if you read through a topic and then watch a video it will be easier for you to comprehend. Make sure you do the blue boxes and EOC after that, you will get a picture of whether you have grasped or not.

truth01 wrote:

 Any suggestions? Thanks!

Here’s my suggestion - quit complaining.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

Just wait until you meet Eriksson!

The answer is always to buy the Mark Meldrum videos.