Just Started FRA

I just recently started FRA using Schweser Notes. About to begin reading Module 13.3. Man does my head hurt! FRA is my weakest subject and I’m not looking forward to this material. So far from what I’ve read, I’m not feeling too confident and I haven’t even read that much. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I think if you read through a topic and then watch a video it will be easier for you to comprehend. Make sure you do the blue boxes and EOC after that, you will get a picture of whether you have grasped or not.

Here’s my suggestion - quit complaining.

Just wait until you meet Eriksson!

The answer is always to buy the Mark Meldrum videos.

It’s the hardest thing to grasp in the CFA curriculum. If you can get it down, you’ll probably be successful in the program

Yeah I have no input on the subject, just want to say that I’m happy I’m done for good with L2 FRA :slight_smile:

My suggestion: read this topic (and equity) from the official curriculum. Especially with FRA, the curriculum explains it more comprehensively. In the case of FRA, the level of detail is really bringing you to the next level.

Stay strong and grind through.

I almost 99% quit after reading the first few pages of intercorporate investments and Held for trading, available for sale, etc.

I thought no Fing way could you remember this after going through the quant and econ portions.

Thank you. Finishing up fra tomorrow, thankfully. Just happy it’s behind me for now. Will need to buckle it down in April when I start questions and mocks.

FRA is a difficult section if you don’t have an accounting degree or accounting background. Some of the best investors understand accounting principles very well. If you understand the concepts behind Equity and Corporate Finance really well, then when you boomerang back around to review FRA it may come easier or make more sense at that point.

On the CFAI website, they have a lot of practice problems to rep out. The nice thing about them is they give you answers and explanations/logic behind those vignettes - so if you hammer those puppies out, then you can go back to trying to understand the funamental concepts and they may stick better that way.

Side note: There is actually a really good book called the “Warren Buffett Accounting Book: Reading Financial Statements for Value Investing” [by Stig Brodersen and Preston Pysh from The Investors Podcast] that pretty much drives the point home on why understanding accounting is so important to investors.

Cool thank you for the comment. Yes that is the plan, blast out of bunch of problems on CFAI website!

Isn’t the CFAI online question bank just an electronic version of the EOC questions?

I would like to know that but I’m under the impression the questions are different.

No, they are different, or at least they have more on the CFAI question bank online. So when you go to your candidate resources page (under “Study”) > mock exams and practice questions, you will enter a module that will have question banks inside. Under the practice tab on the left, it will show you every topic area there are question banks for. These questions might be similar to EOC questions but I have my book open right now and the question I’m looking at online (at the moment) doesn’t appear to be in my book EOCqs.

The upside of doing the CFAI questions as well is that they keep track of your scoring relative to peers on there (which I think is fairly important for real time feedback).

My plan this year is that when I finish a module like FRA through my Wiley program, I’ll follow up by reading the blue box examples, then doing the EOC questions in the book. After, I’ll hit these CFAI question banks to get an idea of how I’m performing.

Hi there,

Am wondering if you have IFT materials as i am having Dr. MArk material but its very short and bullet points. I don’t know if this will help?

I’m using Wiley and I believe everyone else in this thread is using Kaplan/Schweser. But if you are a candidate, then you should have access to the CFAI (meaning CFA Institute) materials on their website through your candidate resources page. I think we all have the CFAI candidate resources as candidates unless there is a restriction I missed or am unaware of.