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Boot Camps

Any recommendations about the best  L3 boot camp?

Schweser CFA® study packages are the key to CFA exam success. Serious about the passing the CFA exam? Just choose Schweser.

i did the three day Schweser with Filbeck and it was fantastic

“Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.”

Thanks! Can you send me a link with more information?

Screaming Eagle wrote:

Any recommendations about the best  L3 boot camp?

CU bootcamp for the win. Marc is the man. Just sayin’.

I can’t imagine a better boot camp than Marc LeFebvre’s Level Up bootcamp. It’s scary how well he knows the curriculum, and how good he is at making it digestible. But what should really affect your decision is the pass rate of attending candidates. And his are absurdly high (I think north of 80%).

I am so grateful my colleague’s husband recommended his boot camp to me. He made the hard parts easy, and now all I have to do is wait until I have enough work experience for my charter :)

Agree with the above. Levelup bootcamp is the reason I passed Level 3 last year. I had done Schweser for L1 and L2 and it was good but for L3 it was Marc for me all the way.

Going to Marc’s Bootcamp in SF. Can’t wait. Did a schweser bootcamp a while back for level 2 and it was not helpful.

LevelUp if you want to give yourself the best chance of passing. You can obviously pass with no Bootcamp or attending Schweser or whatever provider- it’s my opinion that the preparation Marc provides gives candidates their best chance of passing. His material is gold. His insights and the way he dissects the material and TEACHES was priceless for me. 

I have signed for Marc’s bootcamp. What do i need to do to prepare? I am about to finish the curriculum videos- all told 83 hours and BB and eoc’s after that. This is how I am going. Is that good enough?

When should I start doing past exams and for practice do i really need to do practice exams from other providers like schwerser or just what I am doing is enough- for the guys who passed ?

Appreciate the answers and feedback. Helps a lot.

Many routes to passing but my recommendation is to make multiple passes through bb, eoc and examples in white text. By exam time, try to get through them maybe 5x. Marc will tell you specifically which ones you want to focus on.  Also start looking at the exams, reference back to bb and white text examples. Find out where you are weak and work those spots. Marc will proved a very calculated and efficient method for getting through IPS essay questions so maybe don’t spend as much time looking over those. 


Thanks for your input. Marc’s videos are very nice and brings out details I never saw before. Problem is they are too long. How many times I should go through them. I am barely finishing them once. Also, if I go back 10 years for essay exams, do I need any more practice materials from other providers for afternoon exams besides item sets (CFAI)

Much appreciated.

I went through all videos 2x, once by the time of the Bootcamp. Some did just fine not doing that. I don’t think you should need anything from other providers. You will have more than enough to go through- exams (Marc weeds out previous exam questions that are no longer in the curriculum). There is a lot of overlap in curriculum covered in AM and PM. Practicing AM, will also help PM coverage. Also- bb, white text examples, item sets from CFAI, EOC. Marc will provide all of the information so you can focus on certain areas- for practice and to hit areas you are weak and know you need to spend concentrated time on.  Tons can be covered in the last month + of study.  Grind away and get through as much as you can as many times as you can. The Bootcamp materials will allow you to do this in an efficient way so it also QUALITY study time- which I believe is critical. Good luck!