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How far along is everyone?

I just started a new job and wasn’t able to study all of January but am just getting back into it now. I’m afraid that 1 month set me far back but I’m just curious how everyone else is doing. I read and made notes for 44% so far and did a few chapters BB. 

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I have a full time job and two young children so I started early. I’ve read the entire CFAI curriculum and have made notes for 3 of the 6 volumes. No practice questions yet. Hoping to be done my notes by the end of March then I’ll start review and practice questions.

I thought I’d add that I only study for about an hour a night.. So I’m not that far ahead. Turtle vs hare type approach

Is that what you did for L1 & L2? Just curious because I am in the same boat.

About 2 hours a night for level 1 but over a 4 month period. My level 2 and 3 approaches are almost identical (8 or 9 months at an hour a day) I Made the mistake of writing notes for too long for level 2 instead of practicing..luckily I passed but im trying not to repeat the same mistake for 3. What’s your approach?


Making a lot of and long notes, more than on previous stages, is the good strategy for Level 3. You’ll see.

play it again, Sam

I’ve completed 6 out 18 study sessions so still a long way to go. Unfortunately, I can only put an hour every night after work. Hoping to be done with the readings till Apr-end and then dedicate revision/ practice for May and June. 

I’m probably a little over halfway through the material. Spent like 6 hours today making over 100 flash cards for fixed income alone. I think finishing the material by mid April, allowing for 6-8 weeks of review/mocks should be good.

About to start with Study Session 8, Asset Allocation. Have been making all questions up to now scoring >70%.

spencediamonds wrote:

What’s your approach?

Trying to average 3-4 hours a day. That should get me to 450-500 hours total by exam day. Hoping to complete readings by mid May and spend the last month doing questions and mocks.

Feeeling behind. Currently on reading 17, making detailed notes, and answering all EOC questions. Averaging 2 hours a day.

Due date of our first child is june 5th, talk about poor timing haha!

I am using the CFA Institute materials and I just finished reading 24.  My original plan was to finish by March 23rd, but I figure I am about two weeks behind schedule.  I do an hour and fifteen minutes before work and an hour and fifteen after work.  

I am more or less starting now. Planning to finish readings end of April and doing practice questions and mocks till exam day. Same approach I used for L1 and L2. 

Started back in October but have really been slacking. I’m getting serious now and have just finished the first 5 study sessions. I’m redoing session 5 just to make sure during my slacking days i didn’t just skim through. Plan is to finish by early-mid may and give my self 6-8 weeks of review time.

Almost finished with reading 16, Intro to AA then straight to Principles of AA (finished 1st Fixed Income Reading and plan on reading 2nd part of Fixed Income slowly along with Reading 17)

Done Vol’s 2 and 4, starting on 5 now.  Long way to go.

I’m on Study Session 15, Reading 29, Page 310. I started October 1st. I wish I would have started sooner, I am so tired…

I am also tired of people stealing my content, posting it on another website, claiming it as theirs even claiming copyright. That is against the Standards of Ethics and Professional Conduct right?

I got the excel files taken off Scribd, but I’m still pissed, the person who did may have an account on this forum too.

Started in Nov going throuhh zhe cfai books. Reading 33 performance evaluation, ss 17 right now. Still have ss18 and the first 2 ss to go (ethics), should be done with reading and making really detailed notes mid march. I didnt do all the eoc questions, and i somehow feel i still need to really learn everything, so i will be going through notes and shredding eocs starting with april. Started really early this time, still think it will be tough with the morning session…

I’m starting reading 30 (Derivatives; swaps).

Still need to get through the volume 6 (trading,rebalancing; GIPS) & volume 1 (ethics). I’m hoping to get done by end of March.

Finished reading material late Feb - have been redoing blue boxes, old exams, online Q’s.

The dream is now a reality

For those of you who got done with readings early (Feb or earlier), how do you keep the material fresh?

Reading 24, skipped book 1. Still feeling behind but catching up. Reading 22 was tough!


Please share some private notes of CFA Level 3 with me @



Not sure why anyone would want to share their hard work and sacrificed time with someone looking for a shortcut. Best of luck  

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Just got done with the first read, including some EOCs (although haven’t even touched ethics and gips); can’t seem to recall stuff with a lot of ease. What’s everyone’s strategy from here on? 

Just finished book 3 of Schweser. I’ve only finished book 2 and in book 1 did one of the Behavioral Finance readings. My study method though is very slow as I basically summarize the Schweser books. That way I only do 1 comprehensive reading of all the books then spend about a week revising purely my notes (end up with 3-4 full notebooks probably) and doing EOC questions. I’m hoping by end of May I would have read and summarized all the material which will give me around 3 weeks to do mocks and additional practice questions.


Starting Risk Management (R27) Today. Hoping to blast thru that along with the subsequent three readings by Sunday as they similar to Level 2 ( Futures, Options & Swaps Reading that is)