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Experience with Wiley for Part 1

Hello all,

I wanted to get your opinion on support from Wiley. I have sent them a few questions regarding their study material and have not gotten any reply after more than a week. Does anyone have experience how long they take to respond to quantitative questions? 

Thanks for your responses.

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Hey fabianw

You can always reach out to me directly. How can I help?

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give a quick update regarding Wiley’s customer service.

Although Wiley has not responded to my questions, Christian was there to help instead. Thank you very much for the support, Christian.

HI Fabien,

You have my email, happy to answer any questions. Everyone has my email, anyone should feel free to reach out. Not sure what you might have emailed me that I didn’t reply to. Sounds very unlike me. 

As always, happy to help.


Ok so after a month I have not gotten a reply to my question from Christian Cooper either. Wiley has not yet replied to me either. So that is how their customer service looks like. Be sure to think about it twice to use Wiley cause you are not getting any help after all. Promises have been made by Wiley and by Christian Cooper to get back to me and answer my questions but I have given up and with 2 months after contacting Wiley and one month after contacting Christian Cooper I think it’s fair to say that their service is not worth it after all.

And btw. the questions were basic questions like where does a specific formula in their notes come from or why they use a certain distribution in a test question… I don’t think this should take a month to answer…