0900 exam start, when should I appear in the exam centre?

CFAI suggest me to enter the test room 30min before and arrive the test centre 1 hours before does it mean that i need to appear at 0730!? any reasonable suggestion for the arrival time?

You should be good by getting there at 8H30

I think it means you should turn up at 8am. But if you’re arriving by car I would aim to arrive about 7.45 to avoid the stress of having to sit in traffic!!

Before 9:00

Don’t listen to these guys. Pretty sure they close the doors to the exam room at 08.40

Since I wrote it in June, I think I know :slight_smile: No they close the doors at the exam room at 9. At that moment, the Darth Vader like voice takes over the auditorium and begins reading to you the code of ethics.’

thanks so much!!! good luck to you all