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So what is your posts-to-job offer ratio

JohnThainsLimoDriver Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > So what is your posts-to-job offer ratio infinity

no needhelp, that would be undefined.

1000/0 = infinity actually you need to use the L’hopital rule to calcualte the limit which i think would be infinity. could be wrong.

What is the number of apples that each person receives when 10 apples are fairly distributed amongst 0 people? We can pinpoint certain words in the question to highlight the problem. The problem with this question is the “when”. There is no way to distribute 10 apples amongst 0 people. In mathematical jargon, there can be no set of subsets of our set of 10 apples which has size 0 and forms a partition of our set. So , at least in elementary arithmetic, is said to be meaningless, or undefined.

you have to apply the l’hopital rule here. the answer may well be undefined but not because of what you said.

JTLD, so how do you calculate 10/0.1 using your reasoning? it doesn’t make sense to say 0.1 people :slight_smile:


nice, and how about 10/0.01?

what l’hopital, dude, what are you smoking :slight_smile: