1.5 years ago...

1.5 years ago Monday: I was about to do my first practice exam for Level 1. I was totally underprepared. I wasn’t remembering anything. I was panicked!! Today Monday: Almost finished 6 practice exams already. Studying like crazy past 2 weeks. I am twice as much panicked!!!


i think level 3 is harder to pass without practice exams though. level one plays by the rules, if you know the material you can pass, level three throws curve balls; knowing the material isnt enough to pass, you need serious exam practice.

can not 100% agree, it’s still a game of memory, nothing special. all very basic finance knowledge, but when you bring various areas into one exam, it comes hard.

turkish, agreed taken 8 pms (5 schweser, 1 CFA mock, 2 CFA practice) Avg iz about 64 - (vol2, exam2 is a b^%ch) (internal dispersion 50-73) taken 3 ams - avg iz about 50 have worked my tail off and still feel panicked! (about 340 hrs to date) feel like at LI and LII if you knew it, you passed. (at LII 290 hrs was more than enough) LIII is a whole different animal. starting to regret using only schweser blah blah blah