1 more person

If one more person says, “You’ll do fine” or “You’re gonna pass” to me, I’m gonna flip! Unless they can read the future they are doing me NO good telling me this, it just adds to the pressure…

you’ll do fine

yeah I think so too


Yeah it’s irritating, but if it helps, I have a new way of remembering a box spread which may get me expelled… BoLLoCk BuRP (BuLL Call & BeaR Put spreads)


Could I show up to the exam in a tony the tiger costume?

YES please do.



It’s not the “you’ll do fine” or “you’ll pass” that bothers me so much. For the most part people have no idea. The one’s that really piss me off and make me want to punch them in the face are the one’s that add “it can’t be that hard, you’ll do fine.” Dead to me!

lol. My mother told me, Oh you always do fine on tests today. But then when I told her its 3,000 pages of info to be tested on she was like, OH!..I’m sure you’ll do fine. Thanks Mom… gotta love Mothers.

yet to hear fellow AFers say I’ll pass bring tears of pride to my eyes…

at least ppl say you’ll do fine. my gf doesnt even believe that I will pass

haha…Turk you will pass I guarantee it. *BigWillys guarantee is backed by the full faith and credit of the People’s Republic of North Korea.

You will like the way you pass, I guarantee it.

Willy, my proprietary model says that you have a favorable risk adjusted probability of passing. Risk-free pass rate: 1% Benchmark Excess pass rate: 49% AF Pass rate contribution (reads posts): 10% AF Pass rate contribution (makes posts): 10% AF Pass rate contribution (makes useful posts): 8% AF Pass rate interaction effects (fudge factor): 2% So Willy, you have an 80% chance of passing. Standard deviation of Willy’s pass rate = sqrt[(.8)(1-0.8)] = sqrt[(.8)(.2)] = sqrt[0.16] = 0.4 Risk adjusted ratio: 0.8 / 0.4 = 2 Average population has 50% pass rate. St Dev of population pass rate sqrt[(0.5)(1-0.5)] = 0.5 Risk adjusted ratio for average population: 0.5 / 0.5 = 1 Willy’s risk adjusted ratio = 2 So I’ll bet on Willy! (though best to diversify my portfolio so you don’t get all my bets).

oh, now if I let Bchad down I dont know what I’m gonna do.

I like the “you’ve studied so hard you will have to be an idiot to not pass” comments, coupled with the “I could do it if I had the time (didn’t have kids, a job, etc)” Hi folks…I have those things too and I work with you…you should know these things…I make the time…some of these people are level one and two dropouts who are just trying to justify their failures…whatever makes you feel better about failing and then giving up beyoooootttttchessssssss!!!

Silly guy, if you don’t pass, you’ll just be studying with me again next year…! :wink: