1 or 2 Mock Exams?

Super quick question…I’ve read on other posts on this forum of people referring to CFAI Mock Exam 1 AND 2. On the CFA site is says only one is available for purchase. So my question is are there one or are there two MOCK exams? Not samples, but actual 3 hour MOCKS? Thanks,

There are 3 SAMPLES (1 Free, 2 Paid) There is 1 MOCK EXAM

There are 3 SAMPLES (1 Free, 2 Paid) [$40/sample

which do you recommend?


if you dont have time for all then which ones do u recommend ? or how do u list them in order of beneficiality?

Take the Mock - gives you a nice jolt!.. :slight_smile: Make sure you write answers down…to compare after test.