10 pound beast burger or hacksaw


No more “In N Out vs Shake Shack” threads are necessary. This should settle it.

“Nothing can prepare you for Truffles N Bacon Cafe’s Belly Of The Beast burger. Even if you’ve seen the Instagrams, heard that it weighs 10 pounds — well, 10 1/2, actually — and spoke to people who’ve tried it and lived to tell the tale, you’re still not ready for just how big it is. It’s wider than a hubcap, taller than your head, and is absolutely dripping with cheese, tater tots, and egg yolks.”

Is that pork belly in between?..wow, gross.

yea there’s this hip burger place where i work. and one of the sandwiches is called hte business. its just a lot of disgusting unhealthy shit thrown together.

I recall you making fun of us Canadians for eating some poutine, and yet look at this sort of crap you Americans eat daily. If you finish it, do you get a free t-shirt, or complimentary ride in the ambulance straight to the hospital?