100$ 2 mock exams

Hello, Anyone having a hard time with the mock exams in terms of being able to access those that were purchased? I purchased the 100$ 2 exam option. After completing the first exam, I was not able to access the second mock exam that I paid for. This is frustrating and unless I get this to work tomorrow morning, I need to contact CFAI tomorrow to see why it’s not working but I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue.

u sure? on the top right of the main page you can choose the exam type. and then on the bottom left of the page after it refreshes, there should be your exam there.

I’ve tried that. Maybe I’m tired after doing a 120 grueling questions lol

i had the same problem. i had to email them and they posted it for me. i just wrote a post on this earlier today.

Who did you email? I will send it now so I can do a practice test after work. And what is up with them not letting you see question and answer after the exam!