100 a day keeps the fail away...

well having done 100 questions a day since May 1st (and now consistenlty scoring >88% on any random 100question quiz), I can honestly say that using QBANK is the KEY to this exam. Had I used it for the December '08 exam, I would have definately passed (instead of Band 10d) For all those december candidates, use QBANK!

Schweser online Qbank you mean? I’ve done lots of those but i’m still scoring 75% in the mocks…i find the online Qbank questions somehow easier… anybody agrees?

qbank is a lot easier than the schweser volume 1 & 2

QBANK is a lot easier, but it’s great for drilling concepts. And whatever, 75% on the mocks is as good as golden (that’ what I’m scoring too).

glad to hear that!! though i keep thinking it’s just a rough pass…

Qbank is easier than mocks.

yes, QBANK is easier than mocks…i would say about 10 - 15% easier since I’m getting 85s and 90s on Qbank but only 75s on the mocks.

billbelemy22 100 a day from May 1st. Was that after you reviewed all sections? Thats good going. I find that you need enough time for review and do have to keep the review consistent over all topics to ensure you are not going to forget key concepts… Good Luck I am sure you will be fine

I’m doing like 120 a day…last three days on qbank I got 80%, 78%, 82%, pretty consistent…on the mock like 2 weeks ago I got like a 68% then 70%…I feel more prepared than I was, however qbank is easier than CFA mock, which is easier than schweser mock Good luck to all of us

I was doing 300 or so questions a day from qbank for awhile and I found it a fantastic way to cram the material in your read through repetition. I definitely think that it is the easiest question method out of all the options, including schweser post-chapter questions. I like to think that an 80% qbank is a 70% actual and a 70% mock is a 75%+ actual. However, I am also speaking crazy after another 10 hour cram-fest.