100 Days left !!!

How are you guy’s preparing, it’s 100 days to go. I am feeling little stressed, but need cheer up and study well.

Although I’ve read over secret sauce and did one mock, I haven’t opened any texts yet. Do you feel better?

Ahh, the 100 day mark. Here’s how we were at that point for June '09: http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?11,909959,920881

This 100 day mark gives me more stress than knowing that there are still 3 solid months left. A disciplined approach for next three months can make all the difference. Buckle up guys…let’s do it.

This stage I feel like nothing sticks to head i did like 78 hours… have a plan of 400 hours, However I plan to practice alot (all Qbank) and exams I find … Hope it stays in there

My hope is that everything (like magic) starts to stick a couple of weeks prior to the exam while I’m killing myself with mocks, Q-Bank & Concept Checkers. Then again, my head could explode and leave z-scores, multivariate distributions, accounting rules, financial reporting rules, etc. etc. all over my study desk. Like supersunny138, I have only completed about a 1/5 of my planned study time (shooting for 400-450 depending on discipline or lack thereof) and I am a little behind in the material I’d hoped to have covered by now.

If you have a sense of insecure, you’re on track to nail this. Keep motivated folks.

Hit up Q-Bank and CFAI text questions as you progress through the readings. You will find it sticks a lot better than just simply doing the readings while leaving practice questions to end. Good luck.