100 Days Plan/Schedule

Dear All

Almost 110 days left, keeping 10 days for exam preparation, what will be your schedule for next 100 days, in particular for March 2019 as this to me is the most crucial month. If i will be able to pick momentum here, I will be able to capitalize on it in April 2019.

I plan to concentrate on CFA curriculum EOC questions in March 2019.

In April 2019, start working on mock exams.

What is your plan/schedule for next 3 months?

Finish all readings and EOC by mid-end of April. Then review/Mocks/TT for the next 6-7 weeks.

Target study time = 8 hours per day

4 hours EOC and Practice Problem

2 hours QBank

2 hours review/reading

Very ambitious but even if i do 70% it is worth trying

8 hours every day is a massive commitment. Props to you if you can manage it, you’ll be very well prepared but beware burnout.

It seems everyone is engrossed in implementing 100 days plan rather than formulating it now.

Can you guys share yours?

Right know I’m watching MM videos, one reading a day. Almost done with PM, and will be done with 5 topics. Other 5 topics I am planning to complete by mid of April. Planning to have 34 days before May 15th for reviews, EOCs and CFAI topic questions. After mid of May till Exam day, will concentrate solely on Mocks.

However, I’m spending around 3 hours a day for preparation, almost forgot everything about Equity (the first topic I have started with) that I started at the end of December (started preparation before I got my lvl 1 results). After reading, do around 30 mins MM Quizzes. Guess my learning approach is the worst as I postpone practice.

I suggest that you allocate some time to practice which will also help you to retain the material. Leaving practice for 2nd half of April 2019 will make your life challenging unless you are intending to study 6-8 hours from April 2019. Off course this is my view which may or may not be wrong. I guess, any Charter Holder would give better direction to your plan in last few months. I am waiting for advise in this regard.

Get Robin to fight crime while I burn the midnight oil studying…

I have been watching Kaplan videos (adds a significant amount of time to get through all the content), doing EoC quiz then reading the Kaplan book and then answering QBank quiz. Once done I move on and I had intended to do practice Qs every 20 days or so per topic but this just isn’t realistic with work so I have gotten a bit rusty with topics covered in Dec…

Plan to have covered all the content by Mid April at the latest then just going to smash out the CFA Qbank, CFA EoC Qs and mocks. Hands down the worst part of all this, I broke a fair few pens doing level 1 because I got so frustrated with how much I was getting wrong on the first attempt. Worked for level 1 though and hoping the use of videos this time round will make this stage a little more enjoyable.

Good luck punks

Any charter holder help in formulating winning strategy…please comment.

Planning on finish reading the whole curriculum and Student resources questions (except the mock exams) by the end of April. After that have 30-45 (in case I suffer a delay then 30) of Intense 10-14 hours a day. All this maybe except Sundays for a rest day.

At latest have 30 days free to study intensely (10-14 hours per day). Hoping to finish book 4 by t-90. and then 5 and 6 by t-45 or t-30.

10-14 hours - brutal plan.

Good luck.