100 days!

100 days to go? how we feeling? Personally, not stressed out yet, but nowhere near prepared. time to kick it up a notch.

Same as you, Jut. Couldn’t take it tomorrow but feeling good now and a lot more work to go. 100 days left is certainly some motivation though! MDD

Man, I have ethics, quant, econ, derivative, equities and alternative investments to go… do you think i can finish all by the first week of november?

I agree, definitely looking to kick it up a few notches. Looking to put in about 4-5 hrs a day during the weekdays and 5-6 hrs on the weekends. A ton of material to cover. I just completed Equities.

At this point is everyone just studying from the schweser notes?

I’ve been putting in a good 4 hours a day Monday - Thursday since about mid-July. My fridays have been just an hour or two and weekends hit and miss, but I think after this weekend I’ll have to crank it up on Saturdays and Sundays. I feel so much better than I did a month ago when I was lost in quant. I loved econ (read just the CFAI text) and was deathly afraid of FSA as I somehow managed to avoid taking even 1 accounting class in college (econ and poli sci degrees). But, I have to say, I am a bit over 200 pages into FSA and I like it quite a bit and also find it pretty intuitive… though I spend a lot more time per page on this reading than I have on others so I am certain that is a factor. Nothing close to panic yet, but I am definitely aware that I need to pick up the pace for the stretch run. It is going to be a grind, but I think the key is to stay persistent. Mcaine - I plan on continuing with the CFAI texts as long as I have the time… but we’ll see.

Just got my CFAI books last week. I’m planning on going in order. Econ degree works in my favor for only that one book…but I’m really nervous about Derivatives/ Alt investments. I have no experience w/those. ick. I’m doing at least 3hrs/weekday and 5hrs/weekends. I would like to be done by early/mid-Novemeber. Was planning on running my first marathon on thanksgiving (atlanta marathon) but now i’m afraid i won’t be able to train plus give my books the attn they deserve. mc

I’m studying from Schweser exclusively. I’m reviewing FSA now, hope to be moving on soon. Do the last two books go fairly fast? I’m behind in my personal study schedule! I study a couple hrs per night on weeknights & only about 5 hrs total on weekends. Like everyone else, I’m going to try to study more from Sept onwards! What material is everyone else on?

I ll go in hibernate from sept 1… Was enjoying my life…playing golf n volleyball… now I have to be serious…

Focusing exclusively on understanding from Schweser. I also have curriculum beside, just in case. Curriculum seems more comprehensive but I am already closer to finishing FSA. So, I will not bother restarting at this point. I have a tendency to learn more and faster when I start taking tests. When I take a test, it creates the need to understand the concept in my mind. But that’s just me. Good Luck fellas!

Chi Paul: I’m afraid you’re still on the fun part of FSA, just wait… I’m working on Portfolio theory and Corp Finance, it’s refreshingly easy after FSA hell.

I’m crawling and freaked with FSA SS9. Just waiting to get out of it and hit Corp Finance, and Portfolios

FSA SS9 is just killing it for me. it been like 3 weeks and can’t get out of it. i am starting to doubt myself now…

surveyinn Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > FSA SS9 is just killing it for me. it been like 3 > weeks and can’t get out of it. i am starting to > doubt myself now… It is really tedious. I’ve gone back to schwesr for ss9, as the cfa book was much more helpful for ss8

Finished Econ and moved on to FSA… was going well with Quants till I reached Probabilities, that didnt work out so well!!! Hoping to be finished with the Schweser Notes by End Oct. Argh!!!

done ethics and quant. hope to be finished w/econ by next sat. dreading fsa.

just want to ask, how do you guys define “Done”. are you simply read the whole chapter? or plus took all the questions on the notes and textbook, or even Q-bank’s. cheers

I totally agree about the definition of “done”. You are never done with any given section until they tell you to put your pencils down at the end of the exam, and even then all you get is a several-week break until 1) you find out you passed, at which point you start preparing for the next level, or 2) you find out you failed, in which case you either decide to take another stab at it or give up the quest altogether. The most I can say is that I have been feeling less uncomfortable with some of the tougher areas. The truth is that the material is really not all that difficult to grasp from a conceptual standpoint (OK, I am still having trouble understanding how to calculate cash flows, especially the indirect method), but the curriculum can seem like a bottomless pit at times. Thankfully Schweser acts as a ladder running down the side of the pit that can give you a life-saving foothold. The trick is to grab that ladder and start climbing…don’t look down! At this point I realize the key is more repetition and drilling QBank than anything else. After a strong start in April-May, I had to take it easier in June-July as I felt the dreaded “burn-out feeling” coming on. When I got that out of my system, I began to build up the momentum again in the past month, and especially in the past week, as the realization that only 100 days are left (actually fewer now) certainly got my attention. Boy am I glad I began studying in April, or else I’d probably be feeling a wee bit more pressured at this point!

Just passed the 50% mark after finishing FSA reading this morning (skipped Ethics). I am going to spend the rest of the three day weekend reviewing and testing on Quant, Econ, and FSA. Then on tuesday begin reading Corporate Finance. My plan is to finish all the readings by october 21 (5 LOS per day, everyday) and leave myself 45 days to review and test everything.