100% Sample Exam #3

I want to score a 100% on Sample Exam #3…anyone think its possible?? :slight_smile: Oh and if not on that then on the Mock :slight_smile: Ok I know I’ve set my goals too high but how awesome would that be…

Wow that would feel awesome! I would take a day off if I did that but of course I don’t see that happening…

If you score a 100% on a sample exam, I think you have spent too many hours studying!

we’ve all spent too many. . 6 months adds up to way too many hours… the question remains though… is it enough???

I want someone here, hopefully me :slight_smile: , to prove its possible to score 100% on one of these things…

i think it can easily be done, i will on purpose make couple mistakes and get like 70% so not to spoil the fun of getting 100% for some one else… u know what i mean?

lol…CSK I so know you can do it ;)… Now what if you get 97% b/c you got one wrong but it can be argued that the CFAI is incorrect… Its not a 100% on paper so you feel like you got robbed.

Trade off! Trade off man! I am trying to control my effort to be just pass :slight_smile: coz that’s the most cost effective way :slight_smile:

not gonna happen

Volkovv could do it… I’m sure of that… The only reason that he’s miss one is because he taught the people grading the exam something and they didn’t like that.

Wow…poor Volkovv has been raised on a pedastal by Data Monkey…brown noser :slight_smile:

i think JamesP cd do it as well …

I’m gonna put it out there… I’ll say that NO ONE on this forum can get a 100%. The first person that does will be crowned King of L3 Forum :). Of course to be knocked off my the next person to get 2 100%'s hahah.

Big - would you want to go HP12c to Hp12c with him? I’d get my ‘Alpha’ kicked!

I love my HP12c :slight_smile: I will fight to the death to defend it

lol looks like I got the work cut out for me :slight_smile: Data_Monkey thanks for the vote of confidence, but 100% is not an easy mark to get, there always be an etihics question or some other minutiae that will f*ck with you

^EXACTLY my point! That’s why NO ONE in the History of the CFAI Tests has received a perfect score, not evern those that score an 800 on GMATs or 1600 on SATs.

No one got 100% on the real thing, but I’m sure there are people who got 100% on the sample tests. There are over 20000 candidate for L3, only about 50 of them on this forum, and out of those 50, only 20 or so post their scores. don’t discount the remaining 19980 :slight_smile: Personally, I’ll be delighted if I can score over 70% on every section this year on the real thing.

I’m not saying its not possible for the Samples, but I’m just saying its very difficult and may have a bit of luck involved. Also, there are MANY LURKERS on this forum. :slight_smile:

43%… Yay totally poorly worded questions and my utter failure on Baises and Immunization.