100 years ago today...

RMS Titanic sailed from Southampton.

Some of my relatives were on it. They did not survive. But there is a beautiful story about them.


Apparently, the movie “Titanic” is the prequel for “Inception”. Recall that Leo/Jack freezes in the water at the end of Titanic, and his body sinks into the ocean. In the beginning of Inception, Cobb washes up on the beach. It was a dream within a dream.


^^ Wait, what?!? Jack dies in the end?!? Duuude! … I didn’t see it 15 years ago and was waiting for the 3D release.

when i was a kid i didn’t really like Dicaprio…but the older he and i get…the more i like him…

If you watch titanic backwards, its about a magical ship that saves people.

And maybe winslet will make some room on the door this time. did anyone notice that if she just stayed in the damn lifeboat, jack would have the door to himself and they would have both survived. Bitch

So the new Titanic 3D is out? Maybe they’ll see the fucking iceberg this time.

He was amazing in a few movies: Departed, Diamond Blood, Catch me if you Can and a few others I forget.

He was awesome in “Growing Pains”!