$100M Vacation

Only Obama…


Title says 60-100MM, vs $43MM in 1998 for a similar presidential TRIP (not vacation) to Africa. Take into account inflation, hightened security risks in that region since 1998 (9/11, Syria, etc) and the fact that most of the costs are security related, and this is not nearly the headline piece it’s made out to be.

There is an aircraft carrier and everything. Seems like this trip is to show Africa that the US has the biggest penis in the world. So, $100 million to impress a bunch of people in Africa? Depends on what their political goals are.

I don’t care what the hightened security risks are in the region. $60MM so the POTUS can go on vacation in Africa is ridiculous in the current economic climate. I realize that $60MM is a rounding error in the federal budget, but ask 10,000 disabled vets if they would mind having a one-time bump of $6,000 in their benefits. Hell, ask 100,000 if they would appreciate a $600 bump. Don’t get me wrong, the POTUS is certainly entitled to go on vacation, but what’s wrong with Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard? Leave the wife and kids at home and make it an official trip to meet with African leaders and I’m fine with the cost.

Who cares…blame Obama.


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