10am on Tuesday

Been up since 5 and I feel like I’ve done nothing and the day is almost over… wrote the BSAS exam…for those thinking of writing it, don’t. Write Schweser Book 6 exams of the BSAS. what a useless thread…

im about to write mock 2 and thats it for exams book 6 done book 7 done 2006 done mock 1 done mock 2 will be done in 3 hours shiizlle

3 letters, why didn’t you like BSAS?

i agree on BSAS this year- book 6 is more challenging. compared to L1, BSAS wasn’t close to as useful this year- nothing too new or challenging, esp on the FSA side where I thought the L1 stuff was invaluable. oh well. i wouldn’t say it’s bad, but worth $100+? not this test.