12+ hr workdays and studying, how do you do it?

Work really picked up these past three months, and I’m finding myself working nonstop even through weekends. :frowning: How do you people do it? Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

There’s really no ways around it. The CFA is a massive effort for those with demanding jobs.

I have this one friend who works at a financial information company, all he does is summarize information from wall street research analyst’s, easy 9-5 job everyday, no overtime, no stress. Has way more time to study for the CFA than I ever had, and now he has his charter.

I had to retake L2 because I was pushing 80 hr weeks, while he did his usual 40 hr weeks, he had plenty of study time and coasted past me . It’s tough.

Not that doing CFA with a 40 hour week is easy. Or I’m just damn slow as hell.

With 40 hours its still tough but its way easier to find 3 hours a day to study than with 80 hours a week

Are you really working non-stop 12 hours a day? Or is it like in Office Space?

If you’re required (officially or unofficially, through unspoken agreements), then finish your work and spend the rest of your time studying for the CFA. That’s what I’m doing.

I work 12+ hours a day. Its hard, but just push through it

12 hours a day is a good day for me… lunchbreak, weekends and an early start.

5 Hour Energy

Sleep 5 hrs a day. Study on the train. Recite forumulas as you wait for the elevator. Make sure you have your flash cards on hand with you at all times. Cut out any social life what so ever.

Listen to Schweser audio .mp3 during your commute.

You would be surprised at how many hours of listening and learning you can salvage this way.