12 tips from the head of exam developement


good read! and there is another article that says Fintech is going to come into the curriculum heavily in 2019… yikes better pass this year or next… really don’t enjoy quant material…

Though can’t seem to totally agree with point 11 tbh :confused: especially for Ethics.

It’s never straightforward imo

Love that tip 9 is immediately followed by tip 10. Go fast so can you finish, oh but not too fast.

Yeah ethics is it’s own bag, but overall he is right. At every level I feel there was always discussion here about all the “traps” people were able to recognize and avoid, but in my experience there were never any. It’s not a tricky exam if you’ve prepared sufficiently. Not to sound like a d-bag but I feel like the trap discussion generally came from candidates who were band _ fails. Just my 2 cents.

To be honest I do not disagree with you … I do not think they are traps as much as testing your attention to details such as reading the full question and making sure you know what they are asking for before answering the questions… I find when I do that I am fine but in LVL3 time is of essense so I try to cut corners and then miss things…I guess comes with practice and not having practiced enough under the exam condition AMs I only have myself to blame, but I plan on spending more time on topics I know to make sure I do not give up easy points and then if I am short time at least it takes away from the stuff I would have lost points anyway… Guess my issue with the AM portion of exam is it is no necessarily tricky but to read the full case, think that fast and write is a bit of challenge… in Real life you are not put under that much pressure to solve an issue or problem or put together an IPS you have time to think about it and formulate a real PLAN or Solution…same with analyzing numbers as an analyst … so I guess I have issue with how the time factor may actually cause someone with lots of knowledge to do poorly on the exam and fail…Not sure how they could fix that though… I would be ok with 3.5 hrs for the AM portion and 2.5hrs for afternoon IMO… or have one less question on the morning 9-10 max not 11!