12 Weeks to go - how are you spending it?

Personally, of the ~86 days:

Working for 48 of the days (maybe 1hr or less on these days). Off for 38 of the days (5hrs average) - hopefully should be enough!

Finishing 1st pass of material this week – Then 2/3 weeks of EOCs – Then 2/3 weeks of Topic Tests – Then 6 weeks of Mocks

Past AM Sessions-Portal testing-Repeating quick readings of weakest area determined by previous two process and so on again and again. Vicious circle. I am planing start with Mock since MId April till the last week heading to exam (8-10 Mocks in real exam terms AM/PM). Soon I will start careful study each guideline answer for missed questions. Next task is to be more spontaneous in constructed responses, this would positively affect not only result than timing as well.

In Maui, champaign and 5 escorts

^To do it right, gotta make it a half dozen – number 6 is on me. And she’s as clean as a whistle – not a drip.


Finally done Topic Tests.

  • Next 4 weeks: close TT gaps to build up to first “real” full mock, April 8. Aim for strong PM score and to break the ice on AM.
  • Middle 4 weeks: do virtually all the AM papers and close AM gaps; build up to second “real” full mock, May 6.
  • Last 4 weeks: prepare clear ziplock bag with: 10 sharpened #2 pencils, 3 black pens, spare battery in packet, mini-screwdriver, cough drops, ear plugs; conduct 2x daily wrist-strengthening exercise to maximize AM endurance; look at notes once.

Week 1: Finish Evaluating Portfolio Performance & GIPS study sessions

Week 2-5: Review study sessions for all topic areas with a focus on study sessions 3-5 and 9. Do all EOC questions from the CFA text.

Week 6-Test Day: Practice tests and some more practice tests (focus on AM session) and button up areas that need more attention