125 mph

Hey 125,

I know you utilized a ton of different study material. Can you rank how you feel were the best providers in terms of q bank, test prep, mocks, am practice, pm practice? Thanks

Oh God don’t inflate his ego

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I know, but on day he posted his schedule for the final month and it had a ton of different mocks and vendors if I remember. I doubt anyone else utilized as many.different types of material. So it seems like he has valuable info.

if you put as many hours into it as he did, it wont matter which vendors you use

lol, I don’t understand how do people manage to do so many mocks from so many different providers, watch many different lectures and read many different notes! Do they also have 24 hours a day? I’ve done about 5 mocks for level 2, 3 from MM leaving out some topics in them, and 2 of CFAI, I wanted to do the fourth mock MM provided, but didn’t have time or energy! It was the first time I do this many mocks!

Have you passed the exam?

Well yea, and almost at the 90th percentile. And I am a very much an avg person, no genius I am sure lol

This is a true statement. Too much going on about X provider vs Y provider.

As long as you put in sufficient time, you’ll be okay.

Edit: I used the official materials

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My study plan:

1.) Get a flyby understanding using schweser notes

2.) Read the CFAI text to build foundation

3.) Drill qbank, eoc and bluebox

4.) Mocks mocks mocks

5.) Drill eoc and bluebox again

6.) repeat steps 4 and 5

Providers I used and found they were good and prepared me well:

  1. MM mocks (both essay and PM)

  2. Konvexity mocks (PM)

  3. Schweser Live Mocks (both AM and PM) - there are two

  4. Obviously CFAI mocks (AM and PM)

I split my time evenly with AM and PM practice. I did each of the above mocks twice. I tried to change provider mocks every day to mix it up.

edit: i did use finquiz, boston and regular kaplan mocks for extra practice but they weren’t that good…

A huge part of level 3 is muscle memory and the best way to train is to do mocks, check the answer’s main points, set up a framework for writing out those main points whenever I similar question is asked, and then randomly testing yourself by just repeatedly writing it over and over again so when it shows up on test day it just flows.

cannot agree more. :+1:

disagree, i had use more vendor preps even compare with 125mph.

for 2019 basically same like 125mph only i add : 3 mock exam Fitch Learning, 8 mock exam Bloomberg, 3 mock exam Adaptprep.

however somehow 125mph is the one who motivate me also bought MM mock.

for grading service he goes to S2000, my self go to Daren Miler.

125 is one of the legendary candidate for 2019 AF in my opinion.

@jounin83 Are Fitch Learning Mocks good?

The Mock is just average, but the Qbank is pretty good and engaging (comes in colour), combine it with the mock exam from Bloomberg & S2000 is enough.

125mph and everyone else, thanks for being so active on this forum. I used to check out this site whenever I got tired of studying endless nights/early mornings. The most difficult aspect of the CFA is the loneliness but this community was pretty helpful. I don’t know what that says about me but it was helpful knowing I wasn’t the only one suffering.

I passed a couple of years back but haven’t thanked you folks as I didn’t have an account until this morning (just randomly thought I should thank you all).

For anyone struggling in the CFA program, I know it can be tough but it’s worth the effort. In hindsight, I forget how much work it was and, most times, I forget I even have the charter but the knowledge and continuous learning from the CFA administration are worthwhile. Also, it’s helped me manage my small pool of capital with more rigor than many other retail investors (along with reading a few more practical investment books).

Goodluck with your careers and lives. Thanks again.

P.S. Sorry if this post is in the wrong thread (I just found the first post I could find by 125mph and replied there). I doubt I’ll get responses here but I’m not going to be on this forum in the future so please don’t consider it rude if I don’t reply.

Hmm… Thanks but… I havent been active on this forum for a year… feels like a decade… :slight_smile:

But I guess it makes sense if you passed a few years ago, that was when I was living in the forums.