14 more days until results

So how ya’ll doing? What you been to for the past month? Got that job you wanted? Traveled? Share yo post-CFA stories! I caught up with some friends, partied a bit, now writing for news media comp, but still job searching for analyst roles here in Toronto. I opened one of the CFA books earlier this morning, and somewhat forgot about how to solve things… anyone else having troubles remembering some of the stuff you studied in the books?

If someone were to ask me to solve the Gordon div discount model, I would be quite clueless right now LOL. I can’t be the only one with bad memory, right? RIGHT? :frowning:

we needed such a break after a tough studying and thats what i did too! and yes I’m equal to your situation, but i believe we should refresh our brains from time to time to ensure informations are there for the next level, dont you agree?

I have finally gotten used to not studying. Im not going anywhere near a book until I atleast find out if I passed level 1. I was so fried after that exam, the time off has been great.


I also had a total mind dump the last couple weeks…typical critical thinking problems at work were more more difficult that usual as well.

I echo not picking up a book until results come in, but I do need to at least go back and organize/clean up my note binder…just in case.

From time to time I still freak out looking at how many days remain till we find out the results. You just never know how the Institute set the bar

Single digits now :stuck_out_tongue:

Results all released on the same date? Will December’ results all be the last day of January?

Well done guys, take your well-earned break, best of luck

I am on same page. I am starting studying again first week of August and by then will know where i stand,

Football manager, that’s my story wink

LOL, I have been playing FIFA 14 religiously for the past 2 weeks after work.

How did everyone do?

A world of pain awaits yall at L2 and L3. enjoy life when you can!