15 Days to go: My strategy

Hi guys, i’ve been studying since 1 August, 2 hours during the week and 10 hours over the weekend up till now. I have a good grasp of most topics with the exception of FRA and ECON.

My plan is to now take 15 mocks, yes 15 mocks. (6 from 2014 schweser practice exam vol 1 & 2) and 9 from CFA, going back to 2009. for new readings such as Asset back securitires and the new section in FRA, I will use the Schweser Q bank.

Everyday I will take 2 mocks ( 2 x AM & PM) and review with an open book. During the last 7 days I will do a timed closed book mock run.

I will not stop till I master all 14 mocks, mastery meaning 100% pass, using memory retention or through intuition.

Good Idea?

IMO, 15 mocks within 17 (16) days is really hard to achieve. You have to correct these mocks as well, in order to be sure that you understood your wrong answers… It’s not just about doing the mocks. It’s (also) about detecting your weak areas.

It’s just my opinion, but your plan is unrealistic, and if you do so, quantity>quality…

Agree with the fox. 15 Mocks seems like a bit much, especially so close to the actual exam. I’d suggest maybe cutting that number in half so you aren’t absolutely burnt out when you take the exam that actually matters.

Yea way overkill, do fewer mocks and spend more time reviewing each question you struggled with/got wrong. Circle questions you are unsure of so even if you get it right you will know to review.