15 Indians who changed the world for the better

Out of all people in the list, Srinivasa Ramanujan is my favorite for his work in continued fractions.These people changed the world, lets pay a little respect to them with one minute of silence.


As far as I know, AF has no sound.

There are plenty of Indians worthy of respect. I’m glad Chandrasekhar made the list.

So wait is S_K RR or gabelogan? I cant keep track. Was waiting for the last one to be a framed picture of SRK’s abs.

Everyone knows there are plenty of indians who contribued much to society, one of these threads gets posted like every few weeks

Wasn’t there a nearly identical thread a year or two ago, or was that a different country?

I would like to re motion for STL to be appointed “moderator of Indians”. Also, I propose the resinstatement of the Feedback Forum.

This OP is on a mission to destroy AF with his nationalism.

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