15 rounds of interview?

met an acquintance today who works in deutsche bank india. i told him that i applied for Goldman sachs internship too but havent got a response yet.

he told me Goldman was the toughest one to get into and had like 15 rounds of interview?wth? any1 here who works in GS,is that true?? :confused:

For GS ER yes that’s true. I’ve seen this happen as the norm:

Prelim interview with HR, then a more senior HR + someone mid level related to team + team senior analyst + senior analysts /assoc of various teams + sales folks + trading folks + assoc DOR and DOR of research

all in all, a dozen+ is pretty on target

^ for a given position, how many candidates would make it to each one of those levels/rounds?

I don’t think he means 15 different days. More like round two could be meeting with seven different persons/teams back-to-back on the same day.

Oh. Well in that case, then i wouldnt call it “15 rounds” id call it “15 interviews”. I consider a “round” to be when you talk to them and wait for a call to find out if youd advanced further

I wonder if there is a correlation between the number of rounds and the quality of the candidate chosen, especially once you pass round 5.

It comes down to fit, not necessarily quality IMO.

It’s not 15 1x1s in a row that you should be worried about, it’s the panel interview where it’s 5-8 x 1. Those are tough.

^ fo sho

nope he was talking about the IB division…geez how hard would it be to get in

Probably a negative correlation.

In thoery yes. In reality it’s a positive correlation.

I had over 25 interviews, 3 aptitude tests, and one personality test for my current job. Process took over four months.

^Do you think that is necessary?

It would suck for the other guy to go through 4 months as well and not get the job.

That’s ridiculous. No way there is any value added after about the 5th interview or 2nd test. Complete waste of everyone’s time.