150 on the LSAT

Have her read the this long thread, it has some great info on law school and the current environment: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/742932 The legal field is crushed right now, just like the natties I crushed christmas day. I would say if one of those offers part-time programs (don’t know if they do), she should get a job and go part-time. I’d hate to be going to law school now or in the near future. I would have her sit down and have a conversation with the aunt about what they’ll offer - firms have been cancelling offers left and right these days, so she should clarify her expectations and what would be offered to her.

All of this is awesome! I’ve forwarded this tread to her too. She still has her heart set for law school. All I can do now is encourage her to do extremely well on the LSAT, and to go to as good as school as she can. At least she’ll be working hard on LSAT practice exams, while I’ll be working hard at level 1!

Nothing better than a good “you know” after a hard study session.

Did you read the first page of that message board thread i rec’d?

Fluffy I read most of that thread you linked up. It’s really good. Lots of good information. Whoever wrote that spent some time doing so. She has all day off, and has decided to dedicate today to thought/research more on law school. I told her we’re not going out tonight unless she spends some time reading and researching lo.