16 days to go for L2 and I just got the your December venue cancelled email :(

So I have been studying like mad, driving my family crazy, and I just got an email that my venue has been cancelled for December 5th.

It explicitly says do not call because their customer care staff does not have any updates yet.

So now, do I keep studying like crazy in the hopes that somehow I still get tested on December 5th, or is December 5th done for me?

And if it is, now what? December was already delayed from last June.

If they arrange L2 in February, that’s still not enough time to register and prepare for L3 in May. Maybe they could offer contingent registrations??

But still, the study time isn’t enough.

Or, is there a chance, since they show such a large number of cancelled locations in December that they go for January?

Unfortunately I think I will end up as February for L2, and if I pass November for L3.

Anyone’s thoughts please?

No more December 5th exam for you.

No Level 2 in Feb 2021.

You can choose May 2021 or August 2021.

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Time to let loose on the cookie jar

I am in the same boat. I assume we are simply SOL. I am actively reaching out to CFAI asking for them to accommodate us better than simply pushing to May 2021, but I have no realistic hope that this will get anywhere.

Thanks for the repsonses.

Well, this stinks to say the least.

I hope they open up February for L2 and L3 and let us do February/May or February/August.

I also assume that if December is done for me I am now going to be taking both L2 and L3 on the computer.

The world has gone insane.

It would be great if they could open up Feb 2021 for L2 and 3 but I don’t see it happening. They say there are capacity issues with the switch to Computer based testing. My question, why not let candidates decide if they want a paper based test in early 2021 or wait for the computer in May? It sucks for anyone to get cancelled at any point in their preparation but getting cancelled so close to the exam is especially painful.

I’m assuming that would pose similar issues to now and end up in cancellations. The way of the paper exam in a large room is over.

Sorry to hear about your cancellation. My L2 exam got cancelled last week too. When they told me L2 was the worst one they didn’t tell me I’d be studying a year and a half for it and be begging to take it and get it over with.

I seriously considered dropping it and getting a refund. My life has been on hold too long. But somehow convinced myself to try once more in May ‘21. Just stopped studying for now as there’s no point. Suggest you do the same and try and enjoy the holidays and pick up studying again in late Jan or early Feb.

I feel for you guys. Most of you don’t know me because I haven’t been on the forums since around 2018 when I passed. But that’s a bummer. Stay strong peeps. This is part of the exam. You’re already 3/4th the way there…what’s a few more months right?

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