17,000 Passed Level II in 2010

If you are tired of hearing about the low pass rate, think about the test this way: Over the past three years (2008 - 2010), on average, 16,000 people have passed this exam every year. 17,000 passed in 2010. You can and will be one of the 17,000+ people who pass in 2011. Best of luck.

Thanks for the positive twist on the otherwise discouraging scenario. I surely appreciate it. On the lighter side though, Yeah, I may be one of 17,000, big f***ing deal. :slight_smile:

thats global right? thats everyone on earth right???

@ passme…u do realize that if 17000 is indeed the pass rate,than approximately 42,000 people in the whole world even sit for this exam…that is not to bad at all,especially since I would certainly place myself in at least the 75th percentile for intelligence in the world haha…stop taking things out of context lol

and 2.2 million people are newly infected with HIV every year, so if you look at it that way…

I bet 14000 of those are from china/india/japan. Those guys got really high determination and their best friend is the book.

17000 is not a lot.

No offense to people from china and india,but those countries have the lowest pass rates,so you are incorrect.I was born in this country and I still have to reread stuff sometimes to understand it, I would imagine that it would be pretty hard if I wasn’t a native speaker.

homie Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 17000 is not a lot. And it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy, now would it!

Haha, exactly… You want to get the charter and then want passing rates to go down to 10% so you can say 1 in 10 pass these exams… You hate low passing rates if you fail, you love them when u pass

If probability of passing each one averages 40%, then the probability of getting all the way through on the first try is .4*.4*.4 = 6.4% even less then 1 in 10. Even more impressive if you can pull of the December, June, June route FYI highest pass rates are in Germany and Switzerland, they don’t speak native English either.

Well, you’re assuming homogenous populations for each test. Exceptional candidates may find their chance of passing all three levels their first go are considerably higher than 6.4%.

Well still, If you start with 100 test takers only 6 and a midget got the CFA charter after 3 tests