18 min/case

if want to finish the exam in time, need 18 min/case. Some case are so long, even finish reading need a lot of time, not mention about check back and forth to answer the question, how do you think? Thanks.

Time will not be an issue on the reall exam… Cases are much shorter than Schweser

And there shouldn’t be so many F’d up questions without any correct answers to waste your time on.

ok guys… schweser gives lengthy story telling on the questions… which sometimes arent worth reading since its not asked in any of the question and neither relevant… so the trick for me is to read the questions first to focus on which paragraph i need to read… Do you think the CFA exam would ask have paragraphs that aren’t worthwhile reading and not even asked in any of their questions? Its annoying sumtimes to spend 2 minutes reading and comprehending a paragraph when they dont even ask you about it.

I usually run out of time with Schweser tests… But hopefully the CFAI has short vignettes!

time really wasn’t much of an issue last year