18 months and done

Took the Level I exam in December 2014. Now, less than 2 years, and 3 exams later, have finally earned the designation.

Thanks to the AF community for being a surrogate peer group of sorts - the sense of shared purpose I got from browsing these forums kept my eyes on the prize, knowing that people like you were out there, giving it their all.

Now on to the next thing.

Would you like a medal?

You should write Hallmark cards.


now go out there and generate superior returns

I wanna give him a cookie

Now catch momentum and continue with CIPM, CAIA, FRM, ACCA, CFSA and so on…

Collect 'em all…

Dear Diary:

I wonder if one day someone will start a thread titled “I went 3 for 3 in 18 months” and in the body, he simply attaches a picture of his danglers

Pork chop sandwiches?

I do not understand why 18 months is such a big deal, it depends on your devotion.

The only time communicating a 3/3 is useful (and not braggy between the lines) to others is when you are explaining your study method (to tackle the effectiveness).

Nevertheless, congrats on passing the CFA exams WBH!

and every time 18 months are mentioned, some guy starts to say it were more than 18 months considering the study period. And that’s absolutely true.

So for once, I will be ‘that guy’.

Getting 3/3 depends more on external factors rather than anything else. Most of the people out here are generally multitasking and working very hard in their careers. So, it depends on person to person. Many people here have got 3/3 but maybe in 30 months or 36 months or more…not because they studied the whole time but rather they didn’t had time to devote for this exam.

Of course, it depends on various factors and might not be a valid prove of the special ability of one candidate related to another.