19 days left to study!

Survey: What are everyone’s plans for these last days? How are you planning to get yourselves to the 70%+ mark come June 6?? Reviewing Schweser notes? Secret sauce? Nothing but practice exams? I’m not really improving any more at this point and need a new plan of attack! I was reviewing q-bank, watching archives of Schweser’s online course, and making up note cards but this isn’t cutting it anymore. Let’s hear it!

My notes + Sauce + Every practice exam I can possibly write = a pass (hopefully)

note cards at every possible free moment… in the bathroom, waiting for your significant other to be ready to go out, on the subway/train/bus to work, just keep a dozen in your pocket and go through them when you have a few minutes

Try to cover the remaning SS (leftovers + Ethics complete). Read the Secret Sauce ones, start hitting the Schweser (Book-6) exams, Take the CFAI exam and PRAY for the final’s.

I’ve found it useful to go back and read the sections where I am showing weaknees. You notice much smaller detail now that you grasp the larger picture. It has been very helpful for me. Also just keep on testing, every question wrong is another one you wouldn’t miss if you saw it on the exam. Just my .02

final plan??? I am just getting started…

I’m watching some of the schweser videos for SS I read in Jan/Feb/Mar for review and doing practice questions using Qbank and practice exams. I’ll also read the Secret Sauce. Saving CFAI exam for week before exam.

way to panik ppl aimee… thank god you dont work for FEMA!! Ok ppl, stay calm…we,re all going to die, but stay calm…jk… 1 million practise exams is the key

Taking my 1st full practice exam this week, then rest of week to address my weak areas. Practice exam, review, weak areas. Repeat. That’s my plan until June 5th.

same here - in NYC too! I’m taking tomorrow off to do my first exam. I know I’ll get killed on Derivs and PM because I haven’t reviewed those yet, but I want to get a feel for this exam already. I’ve understudied in my opinion up until last week, but hopefully this will prevent burnout as I study every waking hour until the exam.

whats ur strategy to keep all formulas fresh in memory because when i do questions immediately after reading a SS i am gud but after two days half of formulas are miles away from my memory…

You need to be doing questions every day and using flashcards for the rest of your spare time. I’m also putting up post it notes around my cubicle and writing down random formulas during the day.

I’m praying everyday.