19 days to go 500 hours later-everything is blurry

Hi all, i have just finished second round review, go through my own notes, doing practice on EOC and topical test, however, I am sure this happen ly probably to a lot of people which is why i am asking for advice, is that when I put together bunch of cases from different topical tests and EOC cases, everything is so blurry even the basics, like i cant tell the equation of PB and PE ratio apart, cant pin point the difference in account between temporal vs. current, the saving remedy is at least i know what the question is asking, but again, i cant identify the specifics. When I look at concepts like dynamic hedging, and how the hedge ratio for call and put goes between -1,0,1, I would just think, there is no freaking way I can remember this at the exam

It is slightly better comparing to level one when i didnt even understand the question like in economics last December before the test, however I wonder if this will improve when I move further into overal practice, I plan on starting mock, 3 hours each day on Wednesday and thursday and do a timed one this saturday. I would try to go through each point on each case to see where i am blurry but my concern is 1. it takes a LOT of time, 2. my problem is I forget things, seriously, after two days. I just reviewed temporal vs current like two days ago, today i cant remember specifics, I can make informed guesses, but I would get 50% of topic tests wrong. I have spent 500 hours, I have done all the EOC questions, and almost finished all topic tests for FRA and Equity and am wrapping up the second round of all EOC practice cases this week. Should I focus on topic tests? or should I focus on the schwewser note mocks.

Here is my plan, finish all EOC cases by wednesday, do Schweser note mock, all 6 of them, do the CFA mock 10 days before the test, in between finish the topic tests, like 3-4 cases a day. I just wonder if I can have enough time

I wonder if feeling this blurry is common when you first start connecting all subjects together?

also I wonder how many people after spending 10 hour sitting in different coffee shops pulling hair from their own head wonder if they can survive this and if they are going insane.

Do CFA Mock now. See score and weak areas.

ye, i am planning on 7 mocks starting this wednesday

I have never taken level II so take this with a grain of salt but I would start focusing on the Schweser mocks and the CFAI mock. Take the mocks and study what you get wrong. My reasoning for this is that the Schweser mocks were a pretty good indicator of the difficulty of level I in my opinion and I have head from charterholders this is the case for all 3 levels. Schweser didn’t steer me wrong in lvl I so I expect the same again for lvl II.

From the sound of it you haven’t even taken a single mock yet. Take a mock first then come back and post on this thread how you did. I bet you will do better than you are thinking you will based on your original post. If you truely have studied more than 500 hours then I think you will be plesently surprised after your first mock. Why? Not because its easy but once you put pencil to paper you will see that you are retaining more than you think you are. Just keep grinding through and keep your head up. We are all almost there.

Just as an example I felt this same way when I got through all the readings my first time through. I took my first mock back in Feb after going through the readings my first time and wanted to quit half way through because I was so frustrated. I kept grinding through the exam and ended up scoring a 70. I did a heck of a lot better than I thought I would.

I hope you pass. Putting in that much time is insane.

As mentioned above, just start hammering out questions under test-like conditions and review your answers. The brain is a magnificent beast and you will be surprised how quickly you can remember what you’ve learned. Positivity and the absence of self-doubt will also do wonders. Good luck.

Ok i will do one this wednesday and let you know how it is, thanks for the advise, here is the thing, I can see where you come from, there are many times when i cant pin down the answer, i can get a very good sense what the answer is based on intution and direction, but i guess i was scared of diving into mock without understanding everything for a second round, i guess there is always more to brush up but starting mock should be priority

Practice those EOCs reveiw the topic tests. I took the test last year failed with a band 10. My biggest advice to you is know those formulas well. There are plenty of easy points that can be missed on the actual exam because you don’t know a formula.

If you don’t know the formulas well all I can say it will really hurt you taking the real exam.

repetition is key…i felt like you a few weeks ago… you need a question bank to solidify all the concepts…